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Chiefs' Justin Houston, Tamba Hali have made impact with NFL Draft's top pass rushers

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Two of the best front seven defensive players in the 2016 NFL Draft say they're modeling their game after one of the Kansas City Chiefs pass rushers. Ohio State's Joey Bosa said that he models his game after Tamba Hali, noting his famed handwork.

Now Noah Spencer, another likely high draft pick out of Eastern Kentucky, mentioned Justin Houston when asked about the NFL players he models his game after.

"I get on YouTube and steal all his moves," Spence said at the NFL Combinevia BJ Kissel at

The similarities are there on paper. Spence is listed at 6'3 and 254 pounds while Houston is currently listed at 6'3 and 258 pounds. Houston was considered a first round prospect before a failed drug test knocked his draft stock. The Chiefs benefited from that by selecting him all the way down in the third round. Meanwhile, Spence was originally at Ohio State before transferring due to off-the-field issues.

Recent mock drafts suggest that Spence won't see the same free fall in the draft that Houston did.