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Chiefs show interest in Missouri OL Evan Boehm

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NFL Draft is deep in a couple positions, including interior offensive linemen, and that's good news for a team who could use some competition in the middle like the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs used a second round pick in 2015 on Missouri's Mitch Morse. The surprising move turned into a savvy one as Morse held down the middle from the start of the season. That said, the team has plenty of needs in the middle with serviceable talent that could be upgraded and injury questions that could be avoided.

Enter Evan Boehm:

The Chiefs should be very familiar with Boehm's tape as a player for Mizzou. After scouting Morse heavily, they should already be intimately familiar with most of the other Missouri linemen, even before watching tape of this year's team.

Boehm's most impressive statistic is his record for the most consecutive starts in Mizzou football history with 52. That includes playing through a high ankle sprain for the first four games of this season. He admittedly didn't play very well in that stretch, but it's that grit that shows his determination to be on the field for his team. We recently asked Bill Connellyof Rock M Nation to answer some questions about Boehm's versatility and grit.

Does Boehm have the versatility that Morse had coming out of college?

Morse was pretty spectacular in that regard, and I don't think Boehm is THAT. But he did start at guard for his entire true freshman season before playing three yeras at center. I don't think you could move him outside, even in a pinch, but he's smart and very strong.

What does Boehm do very well?

He was regarded as a great leader and traffic director in the middle. He's got strength, technique, flexibility, and strong athleticism for an interior lineman. And he's got personality for days.

Missouri's offensive line was dreadful in 2015, in part because Boehm was dealing with an ankle injury for much of the year, in part because Connor McGovern was forced to play tackle instead of his natural guard, and mostly because the other linemen just didn't appear up to the task. But I think Boehm's reputation for quality and consistency managed to prevail despite that.

What would you never ask Boehm to do?

Play tackle. Dance.

What range in the draft would you predict for Boehm?

I was assuming something in the Round 4-6 range, though I guess Missouri's 2015 line awfulness could bump him down vicariously. At the same time, he's going to ace any interview he's given, and he seemed to test well enough at the Combine. Just as the Chiefs found Morse and the Seahawks became enamored with Justin Britt, I guess the right team could fall for him and pick him in the third or so.

What would you believe would be his pro floor and ceiling?

The ceiling is easy: He finds the right team and starts at center — or, I guess, guard — for years and years. The floor is that his strengths just aren't quite strong enough in any one area, and he washes around the league for a bit without ever standing out. It's so hard to tell with linemen.

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