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Are Joe Thomas or Josh Gordon still on the trade block?

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The Cleveland Browns have, once again, changed regimes in what has become the NFL's most pitiful carousel. Hopefully their out-of-the-box hires (e.g. Paul DePodesta) and new head coach Hue Jackson can help them change their fortunes. For now, the one thing that can be focused on is the state of the Browns' roster, and with a regime change usually comes a huge amount of turnover.

What will that mean for the Browns' best players? Center Alex Mack might opt out of his contract and get out of the hellhole known as Cleveland (I've been there several times, so I feel pretty good about saying this.) Right tackle Mitchell Schwartz is also out the door. Two players under contract have been linked to trade rumors. Are they still available? If so, for how much?

The two players in question are perhaps the team's two most talented: left tackle Joe Thomas and wide receiver Josh Gordon. Thomas could bring a nice return as an older player as Cleveland tries to turn around its fortunes in the AFC North. Gordon, who is expected to be reinstated, could also bring a decent return while getting rid of an x-factor.

We recently asked our friend Christopher Pokorny, Managing Ed. of Dawgs by Nature, to tell us a bit more about whether either of these players are still available and, if so, what it might cost.

What's the possibility of Cleveland trading Joe Thomas at this point? If so, what would it cost?

I think the trade rumors for Joe Thomas have pretty much ceased. Earlier this month, Thomas told reporters that the team informed him he will not be traded, and our Executive VP of Football Operations also said that the team isn't considering trading Thomas after March 9th.

With the possibility of center Alex Mack opting out and right tackle Mitchell Schwartz leaving in free agency, I can't envision the Browns wanting to create a third vacancy on the offensive line, especially at the most important position. I know the argument exists that the Browns need assets for the future, but sometimes it just takes patience and better drafting rather than stockpiling a bunch of picks in exchange for a future Hall of Famer. I'd put the odds of trading Thomas at pretty low — like 1% — and I think the price tag would be a 1st-round pick, a 2nd-round pick, and a young defensive player.

Do you expect Gordon to be reinstated for the 2016 season?

I expect Josh Gordon to be re-instated for 2016. As far as we know, he's stayed clean during an entire year off from football, and has been training hard for a comeback with Jay Glazer and others.

What are the chances they could trade Gordon and what would be the expected return?

Hue Jackson has spoken about having high-character guys on the Browns and removing players who don't fit that bill. The thing about Gordon is that he's really not a "bad person." Does getting caught smoking weed or having a drink with your teammates constitute someone who isn't high-character? Gordon has been an unfortunate case of being under a close watch by the league and then not going into complete abstinence, even though his peers might all be getting away with it.

Jackson needs playmakers on offense, and Gordon has shown that he can be one of the best playmakers in the NFL. The team will control his contract for two more years at a bargain price, so I think it'd be insane to trade him. With that said, I'd put his odds at a little higher — about a 20% chance of being traded — because the front office might not trust him to stay clean again. If they deal him, they'll still want to sell semi-high for a second-round pick.