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Adam Schefter predicts Sean Smith leaves, Jaye Howard stays with Chiefs

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Peter Aiken/Getty Images

Former Arrowhead Pride writer and current reporter for the Mother Ship BJ Kissel recently spoke with NFL analyst Adam Schefter about the Kansas City Chiefs free agent class. If Schefter's guess is right, Chiefs fans are going to be quite happy.

Schefter was asked specifically about three different players, so let's take a look at each.

Eric Berry

Schefter: "I think that they franchise (tag) or sign Eric Berry to a long-term extension. I don't think they let him go anywhere."

Thoughts: Agreed. The level of smoke indicates there's a real fire in terms of bringing him back. Whether that's short- or long-term, the Chiefs followed this model last year with Justin Houston. It will get done, one way or another.

Sean Smith

Schefter: Sean Smith, I think they were preparing for his departure would be my guess last year when they drafted Marcus Peters, who was tremendous.

Thoughts: Agreed. There's been nary a mention of Smith from Dorsey at the Combine and there's been a heavy investment in the cornerback position already in the last two drafts (a 1st, 2nd and 3rd round investment). Smith is going to be expensive and I think the Chiefs have to trust their draft-em-and-coach-em process to work here.

Jaye Howard

Schefter: "Jaye Howard, I think they find a way to get that done and keep him. It's not easy to do all these things. You can only do so much, but they've acquired some good talent and I think that they'll do a good job of keeping it."

Thoughts: Uncertain. While many fans would love to see Schefter proven right here, it's also true that this draft is the perfect time to add young, impact and controllable talent along the line. Then again, Howard and Mike DeVito are both free agents and Dontari Poe's deal is up next year. Even if they keep Howard, they might still grab an impact lineman.