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Test your Wonderlic score and feel bad about yourself

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Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Given that we're in the midst of the 2016 NFL Combine, where league personnel are testing NFL hopefuls on their physical, mental and emotional health, I thought it could be fun for us to test ourselves as well.

Introducing the Wonderlic.

Ready to feel bad about yourself? I tried to take this test, spent 10 minutes on it, and ended up getting hung up on one of the last questions where the page wouldn't reload. I threw my Macbook across the room, so I'm pretty sure that signals a low IQ for me.

However, you should still try it! Alex Smith scored a 40 on this (or so the website says). Jay Cutler scored a 26. Johnny Manziel scored a 32, and future Chiefs quarterback Robert Griffin III scored a 24. A perfect score is 50. I'm pretty sure I was on my way to a 49.

If you take the time, let us know how you scored in the comments. Misery loves company.