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How much does Marques Colston have left in the tank?

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The Kansas City Chiefs are working hard to re-sign their own players right now before the free agent market opens up in a few weeks. But after that point, fans should expect John Dorsey to add a few veterans to shore up some problem areas. One of those could be a new wideout.

Marques Colston is a big name with a big frame, but his production has clearly dropped after a very successful 10-year career in the Big Easy. Rumors are the Saints are going to release Colston for some needed cap room, which means teams looking for a large veteran target to add to their receiving corps might take notice.

The Chiefs already have Jeremy Maclin, Albert Wilson and Chris Conley on the depth chart. Everything is a stretch after that. Frankie Hammond, Jr. is around. Will Jason Avant return for another season? Some fans really get attached to practice squad names like Kenny Cook and/or Fred Williams, but this position seems likely for another addition and maybe even two, depending on how Dorsey likes how the draft falls into position.

To get a better read on Colston's career, and how much of it is left, we turned to Tee Word from SB Nation's Saints blog Canal Street Chronicles.

Can you summarize Colston's 2015 season in a nutshell?

Let me start by saying that Marques Colston is probably my all time favorite New Orleans Saints player. Now, in 2015 Colston was a shell of himself. So, in a nutshell, his 2015 season was sad to watch for me.

More in depth, Colston has struggled with his health, dropping easy passes, and consistency. When you're 6'4" but slow and unable to get separation, your touches are limited to short third down conversions and red zone targets. Factor in missed playing time, inconsistent hands, and Sean Payton's variable offensive system, and a drop in production is inevitable.

How much is realistically left in the tank?

Realistically, Colston has two seasons left in him at a level that would allow him to contribute 35-40 catches and about 400 yards. Most would consider that to be sub-starter production. In the right system, he'd be a valuable redzone target but not much more. Factor in that he is bound to miss some time throughout the season.

What sort of deal do you believe Colston could command?

As far as a team willing to sign Colston, I don't foresee a deal that would exceed 1 year and about 1 million in salary. Any team would have to decide if 40 catches and a couple TDs is worth a cool mil.

At this point, never ask Colston to...?

Whether it's due to many seasons of being hung out to dry by Drew Brees to make tough catches and taking vicious hits going over the middle or maybe thinking about life after football, Colston just doesn't fight for contested passes anymore.

Thanks to Tee for answering our questions!