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Brice McCain would best fit as a nickel cornerback

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Kevin Nogle, Managing Ed. at The Phinsider, answered our questions about McCain's potential fit and value.

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Last week the Miami Dolphins cut cornerback Brice McCain as one of a series of moves to generate cap room. The move came less than one year after they signed him to bolster their secondary. It became clear in that time that McCain is not a player who will succeed starting on the outside.

That said, McCain holds value a bit further down the depth chart, perhaps as a nickel corner — the same role in which Chris Owens provided valuable snaps in 2014. McCain has already visited the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Pro Football Rumors says the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans could be next.

We bring him because looking at the Chiefs' current situation, it makes sense for the team to add a veteran somewhere to help provide some floor for the question marks on the roster. Steven Nelson barely saw the field outside of special teams. Phillip Gaines will be returning from an ACL tear. Sean Smith could be leaving. So we asked Kevin Nogle, Managing Editor for The Phinsider, for some insight into McCain's potential fit and value.

Why would the Dolphins choose to let McCain go?

McCain simply was not consistent enough to warrant keeping him. He was eventually surpassed on the depth chart by Jamar Taylor, who the Dolphins clearly did not want to play and struggled when he was on the field. McCain has some great moments, but then he will spend chunks of the game getting beat or guessing incorrectly on plays. He can be solid, but he is not someone you want to rely on every play.

What's the best situation for McCain going forward?

He is probably best suited to be a nickel cornerback, filling in as a passing down option. He can be a second cornerback for someone if they desperately need him, but you are going to have to expect him to have moments that simply frustrate you.

What would you expect McCain to command in terms of contract?

He reportedly has multiple offers from teams, but I would guess he is somewhere in the $2 million a year range. Maybe a one- or two-year prove-it type of deal, giving him $5 million makes sense.

Thanks to Kevin for answering our questions. You can follow him for all great Dolphins insights at @ThePhinsider.