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Chiefs GM John Dorsey on Derrick Johnson: 'We're not gonna let good players go'

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

You can almost feel the warm fuzzies. The sentiments and statements given by both sides make it quite clear that star linebacker Derrick Johnson isn't going to be playing for anyone but the Kansas City Chiefs in the near future.

Johnson, the all-time leading tackler for the Chiefs, told a radio station in Texas last week that he didn't want to play for any other team but the Chiefs. General manager John Dorsey reciprocated DJ's feelings with a clear statement of his own today. When asked about Johnson's free agency, Dorsey said he'd spoken with DJ's camp just three days prior and said, 'We're not gonna let good players go."

Given that the Chiefs have an abundance of free agents to worry about, it should be noted that Dorsey is not speaking in this way about any other player. It's clear, then, that both sides have some level of understanding between them that would allow for emotion to come into play.

If it wasn't for the inspiring comeback of Eric Berry, we'd likely be talking about Derrick Johnson's own recovery from an Achilles injury at the age of 33 as the story of the year for the Chiefs. Given his level of play throughout the season, DJ has plenty more where that came from.

The Chiefs are likely going to let him figure out just how long that will be.

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