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Chiefs carry over $2.6 million of unused cap space from 2015

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Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The NFLPA announced the final carryover totals of unused space from the 2015 salary cap. Each team is entitled to carry that total into the next year, and the Kansas City Chiefs have over $2.6 million extra to work with.

Unfortunately, the same goes for every other team and the average in extra cap space ($6.4 million) from the previous year dwarfs the Chiefs total. Check the chart below for the full totals.

The Jacksonville Jaguars carried over an incredible $32 million from 2015, and the total was well over $200 million. That's why so many teams are flush with cash this offseason, and most positions will see a significant increase in the ceiling for the elite performers.

From the NFLPA press release:

Once the 2016 salary cap is set, the carryover amount and other adjustments from the 2015 season will be combined for each team's official salary cap position.