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Where does pass rusher fit on Kansas City Chiefs list of needs?

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I tweeted the other day that the Kansas City Chiefs top needs are cornerback, defensive lineman and offensive tackle and I asked who is disagreeing with that. Most did agree that those are the Chiefs top needs but I also saw a couple votes for pass rusher.

Where pass rusher fits on the Chiefs list of needs is a nuanced question. The Chiefs could bring Tamba Hali back and continue to pair him with Dee Ford. However, Tamba was breaking down near the end and Ford is entering his third year in the league. Ford probably needs to be a starter, right?

Speaking of Ford, the Chiefs just spent a first round pick on him two years ago. It's hard for me to see the Chiefs selecting another pass rusher in the first round (or even the second). John Dorsey does take the best player available but I have to think a dynamic pass rusher isn't likely to unexpectedly fall to the Chiefs at 28.

The reason this is an important question is because of how important pass rusher is to the Chiefs. As we saw in the Patriots playoff loss, the Chiefs defense completely changes without a solid pass rush. We even saw that near the end of the season when Tamba's balky knee was acting up and when defenses figured out you really only had to stop Ford's speed rush.

Pass rusher is one of those positions (like corner) where I'm never really going to be upset if you take that position. You can always use more corners as you can always use more pass rushers. There are probably bigger needs for the Chiefs and they need to give Ford a fair shot at a full season before committing to another pass rusher but I suppose I wouldn't be upset if they went this direction.