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De'Anthony Thomas insists he is not retiring

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to De'Anthony Thomas, there have been two primary questions that linger in the air.

1. Will DAT play next year?

2. If so, will he return to the Chiefs?

Thomas had already answered the first question with a previous tweet that he would return next year, but apparently the question still lingered:

John Dorsey has already stated that he expects the talented player to be with the Chiefs in OTAs, but any sort of positive proclamations still fail to answer the questions around what happened to Thomas to end his season. After suffering a concussion on November 22, Thomas failed to return to the field for the final five regular season games as well as the Chiefs two playoff contests.

After several weeks of questions from the media, the Chiefs formally ended Thomas's 2015 season by placing him on the Reserve/NFI (Non-Football Illness) list on December 31.

If Thomas is able to return to the Chiefs (and return to form), it would help Dave Toub's return units in a major way. Frankie Hammond Jr. handled punt returns for the Chiefs in DAT's absence and averaged 8.2 yards/return (and 10.2 yards/return in the playoffs) — that's .4 yards over Thomas's 7.8 average. Carried out over a full season, Hammond Jr.'s average would have ranked No. 15 in the NFL.

Of course, Thomas is valuable at a number of positions beyond punt returns, so we hope to see DAT healthy and back on the sidelines for the Chiefs later this offseason.