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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 2/22

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Good morning. Here is today's Kansas City Chiefs news. Enjoy.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Crediting the Big Guys: The Best Blocks of 2015 from The Mothership

Whether it's a false start or a holding call, the life of an offensive lineman isn't one that is going to get you a lot of pat on the backs and "‘atta boys" from the casual fan.

Right or wrong, most people are just following the ball when watching the game live, and there aren't many who take the time to go back and re-watch to look for some of the intricacies that make playing in the trenches a mystery to most.

It's twisted because most of the top plays seen on weekly highlight reels are only possible because the guys up front are creating the opportunity for a running back to make a play, or allowing the quarterback to have the time to deliver the ball down the field to his skill guys on the outside.

With all that said, the video above is our version of an "‘atta boy" for some of the best blocks by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2015.

Discovering behind-the-scenes interactions at NFL Scouting Combine has value for Chiefs from Chiefs Digest

An organization can have unlimited informal interactions at the Combine, much like at the Senior Bowl when team representatives talk to players after practices.

The official meeting, however, requires a selection process because a team is allocated a maximum of 60 formal interviews in 15-minute increments.

Some NFL media members tend to scoff at other reporters' line of questioning with players when it comes to the interview process.

But there is value in attempting to discover who sat down in a formal setting with the Chiefs to gain insight on what the team is potentially thinking based on Reid's and general manager John Dorsey's track record since they arrived in 2013.

Expect a full comeback from Jamaal Charles from ESPN

Kansas City Chiefs general manager John Dorsey said at the end of the season last month that Charles was ahead of schedule with his rehab. Then Charles recently tweeted what appears to be some confirmation of that.

NFL Legend Will Shields: 'I Still Would Play' Despite Concussion Risks from FOX Business

Hall of Fame offensive lineman Will Shields remembers the days when NFL team doctors relied on their index fingers and a few basic questions to diagnose concussions. Nowadays, with the NFL under unprecedented scrutiny for its handling of traumatic brain injuries, Shields and a growing number of professional and collegiate teams are turning to a new "vision training" technology to help players avoid concussions altogether.

Once considered a minor issue, concussion prevention is now a top priority for the NFL, which has had its reputation tarnished and its $12 billion-a-year business threatened by lawsuits and allegations of negligence. NFL players experienced a total of 271 concussions during the 2015 season, up from 206 in 2014 and the highest total since at least 2012.

Five players stand out in NFL free agency from The News Record

Berry, the best safety in the NFL, barely played in 2014 and defeated cancer on his way to tying his career-best in passes defended. Several analysts said he appeared to be playing faster than ever.

Berry has the versatility to play in the box or play up high and hits harder than most linebackers in the league. Berry is an instantaneous leader on defense and has seen enough to help young cornerbacks along in his wake.

Playing left field for the Brewers: Ryan Braun from The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Catcher Jacob Nottingham's primary goal is the same as every other player in camp this spring: to someday become a major-leaguer with the Brewers.

His secondary goal isn't as daunting, but one that will likely endear him to Wisconsin sports fans just the same.

"It's crazy because me, my brother and my dad are talking about trying to go to Lambeau Field when it's one of the cold days so we get the whole experience," he said. "Just freeze out there.

"We want to go so bad."

Nottingham, a native of Redlands, Calif., admits his favorite NFL team is the Kansas City Chiefs but says the Packers are a close second. His father,Greg, is a longtime fan whose stepmother's family lives in Danbury, an unincorporated town just a stone's throw from the St. Croix River in northern Wisconsin.

Wright: Racism in Richmond wasn't so long ago from The Richmond Times-Dispatch

The relentless marketing of the club left one with the impression that if a family lived in the neighborhood, they would automatically become members of the club. Seems like a no-brainer right? Although Salisbury was a predominately white neighborhood, my parents never gave their application for membership to the club a second thought.

Who would think, nearly 13 years after passage of the Civil Rights Act, that my parents' application would be rejected? But it was. On June 28, 1977, the club's all-white board of directors voted seven to four against my parents' application, along with that of Willie Lanier, a black former linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs.