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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 2/21

Good morning! Here's today's Kansas City Chefs news. Enjoy.

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Andy Reid Has Knee Replacement Surgery, Will Miss NFL Scouting Combine from The Mothership

On Saturday, the Kansas City Chiefs announced that head coach Andy Reid recently had knee replacement surgery, and because of that, will not attend the NFL Scouting Combine next week in Indianapolis.

Reid is currently rehabbing the knee in Kansas City.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid to have knee replacement surgery, miss NFL Combine from The Kansas City Star

Reid also had knee replacement last winter.

He missed the Senior Bowl last year because of the procedure, but he returned in time for the 2015 NFL Combine.

Chiefs' Andy Reid undergoes knee replacement surgery from Chiefs Digest

Reid, who turns 58 on March 19, is rehabilitating in the Kansas City area, the team announced.

This marks the second straight offseason Reid has undergone knee replacement surgery.

Chiefs' Andy Reid to skip NFL combine because of knee replacement surgery from ESPN

Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid will not attend the NFL scouting combine that begins next week in Indianapolis because of knee replacement surgery, a source said.

Hotels, weather are major obstacles to bringing Super Bowl to Kansas City from The Kansas City Star

For the better part of a year, Hunt has maintained that there are two major obstacles standing in the way. The first is the weather; while the NFL did host an outdoor cold-weather Super Bowl in 2014 (New York), it remains unclear when the owners might be willing to do so again.

The second issue, Hunt said, is the lack of high-quality four- and five-star hotels that can appropriately accommodate the large amount of starpower that would descend upon Kansas City during Super Bowl week.

If both issues can be satisfied somewhere down the road -€” and yes, there has been varying amount of progress made on both fronts -€” Hunt sees nothing standing in the way.

Kansas City Chiefs' Andy Reid downgraded to out for NFL Scouting Combine from FOX Sports

Well, this is the NFL, so it's next coach up. There are plenty of Chiefs personnel who can handle things in Indianapolis while Reid gets his health in order.

Good luck, Coach!

Bell Tolls: Noah Spence among most compelling players at combine from USA Today

Fresh cases like Manziel and Gregory, who had red flags revealed long before they were drafted, may be unrelated to Spence. But against the backdrop of an NFL environment where there is increased attention on off-the-field issues, they reinforce the risk attached to players with issues in their background.

"These guys are maturing and growing up in front of the world," Parker said.

Then he posed the questions the teams will ask themselves.

"Is this a guy who made a couple of bad decisions and can move on?" Parker said. "Or is this a character trait that represents a big risk?"

A year ago, another Parker client was probably the most scrutinized player in the draft who wasn't named Jameis Winston" culang="en">Jameis WinstonMarcus Peters" culang="en">Marcus Peters had been booted off the team at the University of Washington due to discipline issues.

Super Bowl I rebroadcast had its flaws from

Not only were the studio analysts - other than the game's participants - clueless about things like the rules, as you pointed out, but also the teams and the players. They didn't offer one bit of insight as to why the Packers won other than that they had more experience. Here's what I'd add to your points. Offensively, the Packers clearly built their game plan around two things. They exploited Kansas City's cornerbacks, particularly Willie Mitchell, in the passing game; and they pounded away at the right side of the Chiefs' defensive line. According to the official play-by-play, Jim Taylor ran left on 12 of his 17 runs and the halfbacks ran left on seven of 15 attempts. Clearly, the Packers were attacking the Chiefs' right end, Chuck Hurston, who stood 6-6 and weighed less than 225 pounds by that point in the season, according to several of his teammates. Steve Mariucci noted once or twice when Taylor ran left that it was the Packers' famous sweep, but that was an oversimplification and not entirely accurate.

[INTERVIEW] Paulo Orlando: "If we are Royals, I will get my space elsewhere" from The Playoffs [translated from the original Portuguese

How is your relationship with Cairo Santos (Brazilian Kansas City Chiefs, NFL)? As local media affects his work and his?

I had the opportunity to visit Cairo. He was in the stadium [the Kansas City Royals] in the preseason of them, because sometimes does not match our season to season them, when we are in a place he is in another state. When he went there the press was also recorded, he made a visit there. He was even more harassed by our players accompanying the NFL, because football is the main sport, more followed in the United States. But it was nice to have met him, know that he is Brazilian and is also a hit in the same city where I started to open my doors. After I found it more, but I intend to find it again when you come back and congratulate the season he had.

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