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Marcus Peters keeps his eyes on the ball

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Someone put together a video of all nine of Marcus Peters' interceptions last season so I went ahead and took another look at all of them again. Here's the link if you want to watch it.

There were a few picks that were just bad throws from the quarterback but another common theme seemed to be how often he was looking into the backfield and getting a jump on the quarterback's pass. A few thoughts on the picks with my re-watch below.

Brian Hoyer, Texans

This was a bad pass from Hoyer or a bad route from DeAndre Hopkins. Whatever it was, credit Peters for recognizing and reacting to the bad throw before Hopkins did. That could've easily been an incomplete pass too.

Peyton Manning, Broncos

Again, Peters is watching the quarterback's eyes. DJ blitzes with no one blocking him. Peyton has to throw it right away and it looks like Peters was well aware of that. He cut the route short and had it picked off before the Broncos receiver even saw what was happening.

Teddy Bridgewater, Vikings

Peters is watching the quarterback's eyes again. He cuts his route off of his guy going deep down the sideline and meets the other receiver in his crossing route. He picks it off at the intersection. The KC Star's Terez Paylor had a nice segment on his podcast about looking into the QB's eyes.

Peyton Manning, Broncos

This is just a bad throw. Peters was all over it.

Derek Carr, Raiders

I think that throw was supposed to go to Michael Crabtree (No. 15 on the right) on the crossing route but he slipped. Peters came off his man to make the catch. Look at the Raiders receiver to the left. He has barely turned around to see what was going on and Peters already has it.

Jimmy Clausen, Ravens

Peters was in zone watching the quarterback. The receiver slipped and he stepped right in front of it and took it to the house. This one was a gift but, hey, he was right there.

Another one off Clausen. The throw wasn't even close but Peters broke off the route quicker than the receiver did.

Johnny Manziel, Browns

The pass was a little behind the receiver but credit Peters for great catchup speed on the receiver's route and snatching it out of the air. This is one of those plays where DBs are in position all the time but can't make the catch and you end up saying well that's why he plays defense and not offense.

Brian Hoyer, Texans

The pass was two yards past the receiver. Peters was there.