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The NFL is rigged and this Chiefs-Raiders game is proof

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Update: Looks like the video is blocked but you can watch it on YouTube at this link.

I'm 99 percent sure the author of this video is 100 percent serious.

He thinks that the NFL is rigged. That the Illuminati is involved. That the Chiefs AND Raiders are in on the long scam. That it's all one big planned out scam. And he has PROOF.

I'll let his video description on YouTube explain it:

Here I breakdown a play with Symbolism all over it The NFL is orchestrated at every level the scores,players numbers the time on the clock and now we have players constantly flashing Symbolism every time they score ,especially when the touchdown was scripted by both teams

The Internet doesn't disappoint, ya'll. Enjoy the video above and some brief snippets below.

"He'll go ahead and attempt the tackle here ... just to make it look good. So let's do that. Here's an attempt at a tackle by a lineman in the NFL. Yeah, that's not normal. He probably could've grabbed his jersey and just pulled him down. Everything is sealed. Why? Because everyone was in on it."

"Watch him give you the symbol right there. He throws the symbol up after the false orchestrated touchdown that was acted out by both teams ... watch how casually he just walks into the end zone. Even the ball is extended before he gets to the goal line. He knew he was going to score. No one touched him. I'll tell you why, because the secondary cleared out."

"We take the three and the two which backwards is two threes and we give it to the crowd right here. I'm gonna flash you my number because my number means the illuminati, the 33 degrees. This is all entertainment now. It's all fixed."