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Johnny Manziel has reportedly told people Chiefs interested in him, which is probably not true

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There's a report out there that the Cleveland Browns and new head coach Hue Jackson plan to release quarterback Johnny Manziel in March when they have the cap room to do so. That set off a flurry of reactions, including this one from ESPN's Ed Werder.

So that's ... interesting. I remember when the Chiefs hired Andy Reid that I said we would see more rumors connecting quarterbacks to the Chiefs because of Andy Reid. It seems like he's always pegged as a coach looking to revive a quarterback's career. However, not that Werder says the Chiefs do NOT have any interest.

We just looked at the Chiefs quarterbacks recently and I wondered if the Chiefs could add a backup quarterback with high upside. It's debatable whether Manziel has high upside or is even worth it at this point. Actually ... I'm not really sure it's debatable anymore.

Either way, the Chiefs aren't interested, according to Werder. The Chiefs have two years invested in Aaron Murray and three years in Tyler Bray. With the time and effort it takes to understand Andy Reid's system and the fact that Johnny has acted like a bozo lately, they probably shouldn't be interested in him.