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Free agent CB Brice McCain visiting 2 teams, Chiefs reportedly not one of them

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We'll be monitoring some of the free agents at positions of need for the Kansas City Chiefs this free agency period, including cornerbacks. Brice McCain, released by the Miami Dolphins, is on the market and has visits set up with two teams.

Jason Cole reports that one of them is the Bucs and in response to a question he said that the Chiefs are not one of those two teams.

At first glance, McCain's physical profile of 5'9 and 190 pounds doesn't fit the Chiefs, who seem to like bigger corners. However, McCain has played in the slot where the Chiefs have signed smaller players such as Chris Owens.

I asked our Dolphins blog about him the other day.

The Chiefs cornerback situation is the most interesting / important topic for me this year in free agency so we'll be covering it a lot (they need a defensive lineman too but corners are more fun to watch). It's clearly an important position in a league where even average quarterbacks seem to throw for 4,000 yards and the Chiefs have one of the league's best corners hitting free agency in Sean Smith.

I keep having flashbacks to those first few weeks of the season when the Chiefs were gashed by quality quarterbacks. The Chiefs need to avoid that scenario.