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Chiefs lose strength and conditioning coach to Vikings

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The Kansas City Chiefs have lost the fourth member of their staff with the Minnesota Vikings announcing that Brent Salazar will be heading up their strength and conditioning program. Salazar was the Chiefs assistant strength and conditioning coach for the last nine seasons.

Salazar joins Doug Pederson, Eugene Chung and Dino Vasso as assistants to leave the Chiefs this offseason.

Pederson of course was the Chiefs offensive coordinator before taking the Eagles head coaching job. Pederson took two Chiefs assistants with him -- Chung and Vasso.

Chung had the title of assistant offensive line coach in Kansas City while in Philly he's being called the assistant offensive line coach along with the assistant tight end and running game coach.

Vasso was a defensive assistant for the Chiefs focusing on the secondary. He took the same role in Philly while also the title of defensive quality control coach.