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Chiefs would be wise to finish Eric Berry's contract this month

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It would be wise to sign Eric Berry to a new contract because he has been and will be a good player for the Kansas City Chiefs. It would also be wise to sign Berry sometime before March 1, which gives us about two weeks from today.

Why March 1? That's the deadline to use the franchise tag. If the Berry deal isn't done by then the Chiefs might feel forced to use the tag on him to avoid free agency a week later. If the Berry deal is done then the Chiefs still have the franchise tag available to use on someone else. Maybe they don't use the tag but it's about keeping all your options open.

Speaking of doing that deal soon, Jason Cole reports that a Berry deal could be done before the Combine, which starts next week. (It could also not be done by then, so, you know)

The Chiefs and Berry have acknowledged that they're talking and they want to get something done so that we expect it to get done is not a big surprise at this point. However, that the deal could get done by next week really makes me wonder what the Chiefs franchise tag plans are. Sean Smith seems like the only other realistic candidate to receive the tag.