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Which future HOF QB will the Chiefs beat and send to the Super Bowl?

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If recent history holds up, the Kansas City Chiefs will be playing - and beating - next year's Super Bowl winners while also getting their Hall of Fame QB benched.

The 2014 season saw the Chiefs dominate Tom Brady and the Patriots on national TV. Brady was benched late in the game. And then the Patriots went on to win the Super Bowl.

The 2015 season saw the Chiefs embarrass Peyton Manning and the Broncos during the regular season. Manning threw four picks in one of the worst starts for a quarterback in recent memory. And then Manning went on to win the Super Bowl.

That brings us to 2016. Which future Hall of Fame QB will the Chiefs beat and then send to the Super Bowl? I see a few options:

Drew Brees: He has the credentials of a Hall of Famer but the Saints suck. I can't see them making a run.

Andrew Luck: Too early to call him a future Hall of Famer but this fits the mold of a good team who can make a run (even if they did suck last year).

Cam Newton: Like Luck, too early to talk about the Hall of Fame but clearly the Panthers are capable of making the Super Bowl.

Ben Roethlisberger: Here it is, the Steelers. They are listed along with the Patriots as AFC favorites. Big Ben has two titles and a ton of yards -- it's a decent bet he's going to the Hall of Fame. This would be my pick.

Check out the Chiefs 2016 opponents here. Who would you pick?