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Al Michaels talks about why Chiefs games at Arrowhead are great

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Al Michaels is my favorite NFL broadcaster. It always feels like a big game when he's around. As it turns out, Michaels feels the same way about calling games at Arrowhead Stadium, the home of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Michaels joined Bill Simmons podcast and was asked what a couple of his favorite NFL stadiums were. First, he mentioned the Green Bay Packers and Lambeau Field. And then he mentioned Arrowhead.

"I've always loved going into Kansas City because everybody is dressed in red," Michaels said. "They built the stadium, I mean, the design was laid out in the 60s, and they built it in early 70s, and it still looks pretty darn good. No other city that I can think of built a stadium that long ago, and it still looks good. They refurbished it a little bit but Arrowhead has always had a big time feel for me. You know, the national anthem, "the home of the Chiefs."

"It's cool. It's very cool. I used to love doing baseball there, too. Good baseball stadium. They were way ahead of their time there. They were the first city to build separate facilities with a common parking lot for the football and baseball teams. They got it right. They really did. It's a great place to watch a baseball or football game. Kansas City is fun, especially when the Chiefs are doing well there's a buzz in that place."

Like the Kansas City airport, some things are better left unchanged.

H/T kcsn56 for a heads up on the podcast