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Chiefs free agency comes at the unluckiest time possible

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The Kansas City Chiefs are fortunate to have such acumen in the front office and coaching staff, anchored by John Dorsey and Andy Reid respectively. Because when it comes to luck, they're given very little of it.

Three offseasons ago, John Dorsey owned the top pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. It's the sort of building block that can change franchise fortunes. Just ask Jim Irsay who lost Peyton Manning only to find Andrew Luck available at the top the previous year, or the Carolina Panthers who grabbed Cam Newton the year before. Yet, as we're all well aware, the 2013 draft class overall has proved lacking in impact.

As Napoleon supposedly said, "Ability is of little account without opportunity." Fortunately, the ability is there that they make up for lost opportunities elsewhere.

The Chiefs are going to weather such a storm of bad luck once again this offseason with the pending free agency of so many valuable players. We've already covered the fact that the Chiefs have 7 of the top 75 free agents (as analyzed by Pro Football Focus). That's bad news (or bad luck) in an offseason that's much thinner across the board in terms of talent available.

Eric Berry is the top safety available. Sean Smith is arguably the top corner available. Derrick Johnson could make a major difference in the middle for several teams. Jaye Howard is going to reap a considerable payday, as he's developed quite nicely under Reid's staff. Jeff Allen, injury issues aside, has youth and versatility on his side, which will serve him well entering the free agent market.

Another new offseason also means a higher salary cap to work with. Last year, the cap grew $10 million and the same could happen this year. It's been reported that the cap will go from $143 million last year to $155 million this year. Several teams already had plenty to work with -€” Raiders, Jags, Giants, Bears - but this gives everyone a bit more to work with.

Even if Dorsey can lock up several of these assets (among others not listed), it's likely to come at a higher cost knowing what that player could earn on the open market. Maybe some, like Berry and DJ, will offer Arrowhead discounts, but a swarm of defensive starters (and some offensive assets) hitting their free agent year came at the worst time. Tons of money for a limited amount of players means the Chiefs are likely to overpay or wave goodbye to a number of contributors.

Another stroke of (bad) luck.