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The 2011 NFL Draft class looks awesome now ... and the Chiefs took Jon Baldwin

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The 2011 NFL Draft class is looking very, very good these days. Cam Newton, Von Miller, AJ Green, Patrick Peterson, Julio Jones, JJ Watt ... the first round of that class is stacked with playmakers.

Check out how many good players the 2011 draft class had -- just ignore the quarterbacks.

And then if you keep scrolling, you'll find the Chiefs pick: WR Jon Baldwin. I don't really have much of a point here other than to say that it sucks that the Chiefs picked a bust in what looks like one of the best drafts in recent memory. Of course, the picks around the 26th selection, where the Chiefs picked, aren't as impressive.The Chiefs did hit on their first round pick the year before (Eric Berry) and the year after (Dontari Poe).

The good news? KC got a first round talent in the third round with Justin Houston.