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Kansas City Chiefs have 7 of the top 75 NFL free agents

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You think the Kansas City Chiefs free agent class is good? Pro Football Focus released their rankings of the top 75 free agents and the Chiefs have seven players on that list.

Let's see where the Chiefs land on the list.

8. S Eric Berry: The Chiefs are talking to Berry's camp. It seems like a good guess this gets done because they're talking early and we can't imagine Berry playing elsewhere but truthfully we don't know where negotiations stand. Berry has a decent argument to be the NFL's highest paid safety.

13. CB Sean Smith: He was one of the Chiefs best free agent values over the past three years but he is primed for a big free agent contract. If the Chiefs sign Berry, they should at least consider the franchise tag for Smith.

21. LB Derrick JohnsonSome signs he wants to come back but no concrete information on where this stands. Like Berry, it's tough to imagine him playing elsewhere.

39. DL Jaye Howard: He hit it big in his contract year. So big that he may have priced himself out of KC. Nonetheless, the two sides continue to talk.

51. S Husain Abdullah: One of three free agent safeties for the Chiefs, Abdullah has been a good player in KC the past three years before a concussion slowed him down the second half of 2015. I would like the Chiefs to bring him back.

68. G Jeff Allen: His best year came in a contract year, which is great timing. The Chiefs have let most of their linemen walk in free agency over the past three years so we're thinking that will happen here, too.

71. DE Mike DeVito: No idea where this stands. He's a part-time player with an emphasis on run defense. He could come back as a role player.