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Travis Kelce says Andy Reid and the Chiefs understand his off the field stuff, like the dating show

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Something I didn't think about when the news of Travis Kelce's dating show came out: How did that conversation with Andy Reid go when telling him about the show?

Telling Big Red how you're going to take some time in the offseason to film a show with 50 women in a house is ... well, I bet that was quite the conversation.

Kelce was on SportsCenter this week sporting his Indiana Jones hat and asked about his talk with Reid about the show.

Q: How does the conversation to clear this whole thing with Andy Reid go?

Kelce: "Coach Reid and the organization understand that it's business. They understand the off the field kinda stuff. I told them I said I'm going to be down there working out. Football is always going to be my main focus. They know how hard I work around here."

Kelce has had two strong seasons in a row so he's shown that he's a hard worker who can get results. And we have to remember that NFL players are not robots who study their playbook all day long. So, yeah, I plan on watching the show.