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Does free agent Riley Cooper interest the Kansas City Chiefs receivers?

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A Philadelphia Eagles player has been released which means it's time for us to wonder if Andy Reid wants to reunite with one of his old pals (as we did with S Nate Allenwho re-upped in Oakland). The Eagles this week released WR Riley Cooper, who was a 2010 fifth round pick when Andy Reid was in Philly. Cooper is three years removed from a pretty good season with the Eagles but is coming off a bad season with just 21 catches.

Do the Chiefs need a receiver? I go back and forth on this all the time. Yes, they definitely need another capable body in there to compete with Chris Conley and Albert Wilson. Those two are both young so you have hope for both to continue to develop. But that youth and development is why I would probably shy away from signing a big ticket receiver, not that the Chiefs could afford it anyway.

Cooper, however, is likely not an expensive receiver and he has something very useful for Andy Reid players -- experience in the offense. With the verbiage required in his offense it seems like receivers take a little extra time so having someone with experience is beneficial. His production has slipped the past few years but his experience interests me because he can provide immediate competition.

He was a role player under Reid from 2010-12 (stats here) but had a really good year under Chip Kelly before his stats started declining. The Chiefs don't need a star but they do need more competition. Does Cooper interest you?