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Von Miller's contract expected to exceed Justin Houston's deal

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The Denver Broncos offseason looks similar to the Kansas City Chiefs offseason last year. The Broncos, like the chiefs, have a premiere pass rusher that they need to lock up or hit with the franchise tag. For the Chiefs, it was Justin Houston who signed a six-year contract.

For the Broncos, it's Von Miller, who is expected to sign a deal (eventually) that will be larger than Houston's contract. This according to ESPN's Adam Schefter, who notes that Houston got $101 million over six years with $52.5 million guaranteed.

Like Houston, who nearly broke the NFL sack record in his contract year, Miller has a ridiculous amount of leverage after winning Super Bowl MVP. The Broncos will wrap him up to a long-term deal, probably this offseason, according to Schefter. The cap has gone up slightly so naturally you would expect it to be a bigger deal than Houston's last year.

Miller has probably shown a higher ceiling than Houston but Houston hasn't been suspended for reportedly avoiding a pee test and hasn't torn his ACL either - as Miller has. Houston, however, has had injury issues down the stretch in two of the last three seasons. Either way, both men will soon be very rich.