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Eric Berry is one of the Kansas City Chiefs three top 10 safeties in free agency

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The Kansas City Chiefs have three players in their secondary set for free agency and all three players are rated well by Pro Football Focus, who ranked the top 10 free agent safeties. The Chiefs have No. 1 Eric Berry, No. 6 Husain Abdullah and No. 9 Tyvon Branch, according to PFF's rankings.

Berry is the priority. The Chiefs said recently they're talking to his reps ("ramping up" talks) while Berry says it's in the hands of his agent. Even owner Clark Hunt said they want him back. It feels like a good bet right now that this one gets done. If it doesn't, there is a gaping hole at safety with these other two scheduled to hit free agency as well.

Abdullah and Branch are the types of safeties we've seen before. They fall in the mold of the Kurt Coleman / Quintin Demps type that the Chiefs have signed in recent years -- the one or two year prove it deal for someone trying to work themselves back up.

Abdullah has never gotten enough credit in my mind despite his slow ending to the season after a concussion. He has shown he's capable of playing full time after doing so in 2014. If he's available for a reasonable deal, I would bring him back. A similar argument applies to Branch but he has more of an injury history and the Chiefs haven't had him for three years like Abdullah. I'd be focusing on Abdullah first because he feels more like a sure thing.

Regarding bringing back Abdullah and Branch, it's also very possible that the Chiefs let them go. As noted earlier, the Chiefs go through these rotational safeties pretty quickly and seem to have a knack for finding good ones for cheap.