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Is Terrell Owens a Hall of Famer? Andy Reid thinks so

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Two of Andy Reid's former players are up for the 2016 Hall of Fame class, which will be voted on next weekend. One of them, Brett Favre, looks like a lock. The other one, Terrell Owens, does not.

However, Andy Reid told from the Pro Bowl in Hawaii last week that T.O. is "absolutely" a Hall of Famer.

"As far as talent and production goes, T.O. is absolutely a Hall of Famer," Reid said via

T.O.'s first season with Reid was very, very good. He caught 14 touchdown passes and more than 1,200 yards. He broke his fibula and sprained his ankle in December yet still played in the Super Bowl that year, which the Eagles lost. The next season, however, was a disaster as T.O. and Drew Rosenhaus went through a contract dispute with Reid and the Eagles.

"There was that one off-the-field issue with him, but everything else, he was a pleasure to coach," Reid said. "The son of a gun would do anything you asked him to do and he'd do it a hundred miles an hour, which not every player will do."

You can see T.O.'s career stats here.

Meanwhile, Mike Martz doesn't agree with the idea that T.O. is a Hall of Famer ahead of a couple of his guys.

You can see the 15 Hall of Fame finalists here. They will vote on the next Hall of Fame class the night before Super Bowl 50 next Saturday.