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Chiefs' Andy Reid tells Raiders' Derek Carr he would've drafted him if he hadn't traded for Alex Smith

Here's an interesting what if...

What if the Kansas City Chiefs didn't trade two second round picks for Alex Smith in 2013 and instead drafted Derek Carr in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft?

I say that because Andy Reid was thinking that at one point. Raiders QB Derek Carr was at the Pro Bowl with Andy Reid this week and he was mic'd up. A video segment posted by the NFL shows this exchange between Reid and Carr.

Reid: I'm a big fan of yours. I was a big fan of you coming out.

Carr: Thank you. That really means a lot coach.

Reid: I would've taken you but I had just taken Alex

Carr: Oh, yes sir. Thank you. I appreciate that. That means a lot.

This is probably a little premature. The Chiefs made that trade in February of 2013 and Carr wasn't selected until May 2014. That said, which one would you rather have? I can see the reason people would want Carr -- he's young and cheap and, oh by the way, he's also pretty darn good. However, I might lean towards Alex because there's no way the Chiefs win 30-plus games in the past three years without Alex Smith. Again, you can argue about who would be the better quarterback in the next three years but in these first three years I think the Chiefs would have been better off with Alex Smith. And if not Smith in 2013, then who? Matt Cassel?

After Reid said this, Carr went out in the Pro Bowl game and threw a touchdown pass to Travis Kelce which ...

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