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Chiefs want Derrick Johnson to stick around this year as a “coach”

Derrick Johnson wants to one day get into coaching and the Kansas City Chiefs are going to give him an early start. No, the Chiefs did not say DJ is retiring and becoming a coach. But they do want him to start acting like one this year.

Andy Reid spoke with the media on Monday and he said that he talked with DJ last night after it was confirmed that his season is done with a ruptured Achilles.

“I talked to him last night,” Reid said. “I called him up. He got out of here before everyone came in. I talked to him and I said well you can start working on coaching now. You can get a chance to sit back and see it from that side.

“I want him around here. I don’t want him going anywhere. I want him to hang around and do his rehab and get himself back to where he can play. In the meantime, he can work on some coaching there with some of our young guys.”

You have to keep DJ around. He’s up there with Eric Berry when you’re talking about team leaders. DJ has been here his entire 12-year career. He needs to stick around and I would expect him to.

Chiefs GM John Dorsey is looking around at the Chiefs options at inside linebacker with DJ out. Josh Mauga is NOT an option. He is not eligible to come back this year. Justin March, however, is a candidate to return from IR. The Chiefs also have Frank Zombo who has played some inside.

The Chiefs inside linebacker plan should become clear over the next few days. Whatever they decide it will be tested quickly as Tennessee is one of the best rushing teams in the NFL.

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