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Andy Reid: Jack Del Rio and I are actually good friends

There’s a disconnect here from what Andy Reid’s relationship with Raiders coach Jack Del Rio looks like and what it apparently is.

Anyone watching the game last night saw the postgame handshake between the two, which was normal for the most part. Reid patted the back of Del Rio and when he did that there’s this image that was caught that’s been floating around. Doesn’t this look like a Del Rio death stare?

There’s a headline in the Mercury News: How deep does bad blood between Jack Del Rio and Andy Reid run?

A Raiders reporter tweeted: “Can't point to exactly why, but I get the distinct impression Jack Del Rio isn't the biggest Andy Reid fan.”

As that was being tweeted, I was on a conference call with Andy Reid and he said this about Jack Del Rio.

“Not at all,” said Andy Reid when asked if there was bad blood there. “Jack and I are actually good friends. I know people don’t like to hear that because it’s the Raiders. No, not at all. I know the picture, I patted him on the shoulder after we shook hands.”

Not at all, huh? You could’ve fooled everyone watching the game last night.

Update: Del Rio chimes in ...

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