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Derek Carr knew what the Chiefs defense was doing

Even the biggest of Kansas City Chiefs fans didn’t see Derek Carr having a historically bad game. He became the second quarterback since 1993 to have at least 40 attempts and throw for fewer than 120 yards. He averaged 2.85 yards per attempt, which is the worst of his career.

Did the Chiefs switch things up and confuse him?

“No and that’s what’s frustrating,” Carr said. “I knew what they were going to play, I knew what they were playing every snap. I saw their guys. There was even one where Berry would have knocked Crabtree out so I had to throw it away. So I saw what they were doing. That’s why it’s frustrating for me.”

Not to take any credit away from the Chiefs defense - because that’s what it seems the national media is doing today - but Carr was clearly off. He said it wasn’t his finger but it had to be that and some combination of the cold and the crowd noise.

What I find most amazing here is the Chiefs defense’s performance without forcing a turnover. They say the Chiefs defense thrives on turnovers. And don’t get me wrong - they do. That they held a top five offense to 13 points with no turnovers is almost unbelievable to me.

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