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Don’t miss the real story about the Kansas City Chiefs

Former Super Bowl winning coach Brian Billick would never be an editor here at Arrowhead Pride because he doesn’t have a nose for the story. He completely misses it.

That’s not the story. The story is that the Chiefs went on the road and beat the defending Super Bowl champs in Denver, the NFL’s No. 1 offense in Atlanta and now the (formerly) top seed in the AFC Oakland Raiders.

Holy crap, Billick. You’re missing the real story. That’s the best three-game stretch in the NFL this year (I’ll take your Tampa Bay arguments - at Chiefs, Seahawks, at Chargers).

The story is the Chiefs holding Derek Carr to a historically bad game. The team some people said was the best team in the AFC has lost three games this year. Two of them have come against the Chiefs.

The AFC West is the best division in football this year and no one is debating that. The Chiefs are 4-0 against the AFC West this year. They’ve won nine straight against this division, tops of any team and their division in the NFL.

The story is the Chiefs comeback wins. It’s winning three games this year when win probabilities gave you less than two percent chance to win.

The story is the Chiefs can make an argument they’re the best team in the AFC. I’ll push back on the Patriots. They have the track record to prove it. The Chiefs are in the conversation. That’s the story.

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