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NFL playoff picture: Chiefs move up to No. 2 seed, Raiders drop to Wild Card

The Kansas City Chiefs are sitting pretty in the 2016-17 NFL playoff picture. The AFC playoff field has the KC Chiefs sitting in the No. 2 spot after their win over the Raiders which if the playoffs were today would mean a first round bye and a home playoff game at Arrowhead. That is the goal. That was a huge win over Oakland.

The No. 1 seed is the real goal. The Chiefs will be in a battle with the Patriots (and Raiders) for that. The Patriots are one up on the Chiefs in the loss column but face the Ravens on Monday Night Football. Even with a Patriots loss, New England would remain the top seed. A loss to the Ravens would give them two AFC losses like the Chiefs. The Patriots would own the common games tiebreaker, however.

It feels like the Chiefs won the AFC West last night but they didn’t. They’re merely tied with Oakland record-wise. They own the division tiebreaker over Oakland with a 4-0 AFC West record and the head to head record (oh yeah, the Chiefs swept the Raiders).

The Chiefs remaining schedule: Titans, Broncos, at Chargers

The Raiders remaining schedule: at Chargers, Colts, at Broncos

The Patriots remaining schedule: Ravens, at Broncos, Jets, at Dolphins

Find the NFC playoff picture here.

AFC playoff picture

1. Patriots (10-2)

2. Chiefs (10-3)

3. Ravens (7-5)

4. Texans (6-6)

5. Raiders (10-3)

6. Broncos (8-4)

In the hunt

7. Dolphins (7-5)

8. Steelers (7-5)

9. Colts (6-6)

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