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Watch: Arrowhead started chanting Tyreek Hill’s name. He delivered in dramatic fashion

If anyone ever asks me what a Chiefs game at Arrowhead is like, I’m going to send them this video. It has everything...

Let me show thee ways I love thee ....

1. Arrowhead at night is beautiful. My gosh, it’s a 10! (Billy Bob voice) The best looking night game field in the NFL.

2. A Raiders penalty on the previous play meant the Raiders were punting again. A tired punt coverage unit against Tyreek Hill? Good luck. The best part here is that the crowd KNEW how big this moment was. Listen to what they’re chanting. TYREEK! TYREEK! TYREEK! I don’t remember hearing the crowd chant someone’s name like that. That was unique.

3. Alex Smith summed up the moment after the game: “I do not think I have ever seen anything like what happened tonight. For them to get the penalty and we ask them to kick again and I have never seen a stadium chanting a name like that and then he houses it. It gave me chills on the sideline. I mean the whole stadium was chanting his name and he answers. I thought was one of the coolest things I have seen.”

4. The crowd after he breaks it. The falling over, everyone jumping, your hands in the air, that feeling knowing you’re going up 21-3 on the biggest stage.

5. Dante Hall told Tyreek to dream big. I had nowhere else to put that nugget but this is a good spot.

This video is Arrowhead.

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