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I’m sick about Derrick Johnson’s season-ending injury

Derrick Johnson was selected two rounds before Dustin Colquitt in the 2005 draft so he’s technically the longest tenured Chief. I am absolutely sick to my stomach that DJ has suffered a ruptured Achilles, which will end his season. Sick.

This one hurts. It hurts the Chiefs on the field. More on that in a second.

This hurts any Chiefs fan who has spent any time emotionally invested into this team. If you have been around the Chiefs in the last 10 years, you’ve heard people talk about Derrick Johnson. He is the consummate pro. I mean, I wish I was as professional at blogging as he is at football.

I remember when Todd Haley first arrived in 2009. DJ was supposed to be one of the Chiefs better players (remember, that team had very little talent). Haley benched DJ on and off again that year. It was incredibly frustrating I’m sure to DJ but he didn’t bitch about it. He didn’t call Haley out. He worked his ass off and became a better player because of it. I’ll always remember that.

As for on the field ...

Oh boy. This is not good. This is a small step below losing Eric Berry and Marcus Peters. The run defense, which was already struggling, will take a major hit. DJ played every snap every week and filled multiple roles. He was so smart setting the defense up. Watch the games and you’d see he was always the one communicating and getting people lined up.

Maybe IR’d inside linebackers Josh Mauga or Justin March can come back later this year. One of those two would be nice to help fill the void because with DJ now out the Chiefs are down three inside backers.

It hurts the Chiefs as a team. I’m just as upset about DJ, a lifelong Chief, not being on the field when the Chiefs take their best shot at a Lombardi trophy.

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