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Raiders-Chiefs final score: Tyreek Hill has arrived, Travis Kelce’s 4th straight in 21-13 KC win

The Chiefs beat the Raiders, 21-13. The Chiefs and Raiders are now 10-3 on the season. The Chiefs are 4-0 in the AFC West and have swept the Raiders so they are in FIRST PLACE IN THE AFC WEST.

Also a reminder that we know nothing about football. We talked all week about the Chiefs being able to run on the Raiders because they put up a season-high 183 rushing yards last time around against the Raiders. The Chiefs couldn’t run at all.

We talked all week about turnovers being a key stat. The Chiefs can’t win with turnovers. They turned it over three times in this game and won.

We know nothing. Wait, I know one thing. The Chiefs are pretty freakin’ good.

Final stats are here.

The Chiefs defense was dominant

This was a complementary game but the game ball goes to the defense. The offense turned it over three times and gave the Raiders the ball in KC territory each team. The defense allowed six points from those turnovers.

The stats won’t all say this was dominant. There aren’t big sack numbers or turnovers. Make no mistake, this game was won by the defense.

Derrick Johnson’s injury is a huge problem

DJ went down with an Achilles injury. We can all speculate what kind of injury that is but suffice to say it’s probably not good news. There was an obvious momentum change went he went down. The Chiefs had shut the Raiders down but after his injury they drove down the field and scored.

This is a big problem with the run defense down the stretch. The Chiefs have already lost Josh Mauga and Justin March at inside linebacker. They don’t have many other options.

Personally, I feel sick about this injury. The Chiefs are in a great spot to make a run and an all-time Chief could miss it. I’m sick for DJ.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The offense did their part, kind of

The Chiefs offense overall was awful at times, and not so awful at times. Mostly they were really good in the second quarter (21 points) and not so good the rest of the game.

Alex Smith was flinging the ball down the field with multiple passes 30-plus yards down the field. On third down he was going deep. He was throwing 36-yard touchdown passes to Tyreek Hill and 33-yarders to Travis Kelce.

The Chiefs only put up 14 points though. Ultimately, that’s what matters.

The turnovers. That was ... unfortunate. Alex threw a pick and fumbled it in back to back possessions when it felt like the Chiefs were melting down. Instead, he slowly but surely helped the Chiefs get the momentum back.

Tyreek Hill is a star

Oh just a 36-yard touchdown catch down the seam and a 78-yard punt return for a touchdown. That’s it, huh?

Even more amazing: the entire stadium was chanting Tyreek before his first punt return touchdown. It was quite the sight to see ... and hear.

It’s safe to say Tyreek has arrived.

Four straight for Travis Kelce

He ties Tony Gonzalez’s franchise record with four consecutive 100-yard games. With Gronk out, this is the best tight end in the NFL. He came through in the clutch throughout the night, from the first half to the second half. I was wondering how Maclin’s return would affect him and it turns out, not much! Kelce is such a weapon. Get him on a linebacker and it’s over.

Plus, he made fun of the Raiders punter’s signature dance.

Marty Schottenheimer was right

The Raiders faced a fourth and one with two minutes left in the game. What did they do? False start. It reminded me of this great Marty quote from a few years back:

“As a football team there was a philosophy relative to how you beat the Raiders. That was you went into the game with the understanding that the first half would come and go and you would want to stay in the contest but if you stayed the course into the fourth quarter you would find a way to somehow beat them or they'd beat themselves and you'd end up the winner anyway. That's the way they functioned in my view.”

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