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Raiders-Chiefs predictions: The Arrowhead Advantage

The Arrowhead Pride staff picks for the Raiders-Chiefs game on Thursday night, starting with the most improbable prediction yet...

Raiders 10 Chiefs 16

The Chiefs have won games in improbable fashion all year long, so it might as well continue Thursday night. Here's how this one will shake out: the game opens with Andy Reid calling an onside kick, which a Raider initially recovers, but Cairo Santos rips the ball away before following his blockers back for a 50-yard TD. The Raiders score 10 points in the fourth quarter to take a late lead. As they are attempting to run out the last minute, Derek Carr throws an interception to Marcus Peters, but he is stripped from behind by Michael Crabtree, who picks the ball up and, thinking he has an open field for a touchdown, inadvertently runs backwards through the end zone for a safety. With the score 10-9, the Chiefs get the ball on the free kick and Alex Smith has his chance to win the game on the last drive. The drive stalls, though, and on 4th and 20 from midfield, Smith hurls a Hail Mary 35 yards. Sean Smith intercepts it, but instead of taking a knee, he begins to run. Mitchell Schwartz lays a huge hit on Smith, separating him from the football, picks it up, and runs it in for the winning touchdown with 0:00 on the clock. Alex Smith is hailed a hero for being the first quarterback to ever throw a game-winning interception. -Clay Wendler

Raiders 24 Chiefs 27

24 points used to be a problem for the Chiefs. Not anymore. Give me the home team on Thursday Night Football. -Joel Thorman

Raiders 20 Chiefs 31

Division games and Thursday Night Football games are weird, so you never know how things will play out. The Chiefs have consistently had the Raiders number the last few years, and Derek Carr has consistently failed to produce against Bob Sutton's defense. Their offensive line is fantastic and they've got solid weapons, but it's tough to forget that the Chiefs beat them down in their house earlier this season when the Chiefs were generally playing WORSE football than they currently are. With the team healthier than it's been in several months, I think a statement gets made on Thursday night. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go throw all the salt over my shoulder. -MNchiefsfan

Raiders 9 Chiefs 20

Raiders 14 Chiefs 27

This is an old fashioned ass beating. It's cold outside and Derek Carr's pinky finger can't handle it, nor can the rest of the soft Raiders team. The Chiefs take first place in the AFC West and never look back. -Super_G

Raiders 17 Chiefs 31

The unprecedented ways in which the Chiefs have won games can't continue forever. What can carry on is the confidence built from finding ways to win each week regardless of health or opponent. The Raiders offense is their strength. Like Atlanta, they'll challenge the KC defensive backs and put up a couple of scores. The Raiders tendencies for self-inflicted mistakes is what makes them the Raiders and it will show up again on Thursday. The Chiefs will again use turnovers and special teams to win this game, but the offense might just do enough to ensure it isn't that close. This week has a playoff feel, and the Chiefs could run over Oakland on their way to achieving much bigger goals. Contenders and pretenders are exposed in games like this, and I have a feeling that Andy Reid and crew are prepared to show they are in the right category. -Stagdsp

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