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Chiefs fans will like how their defense and special teams compares

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I didn’t realize this but the Kansas City Chiefs defense and special teams has accounted for nearly 50 percent of their points this season. The special teams I can understand because the Chiefs kick a lot of field goals. The defense? Man.

My first thought is that this shows how weak the Chiefs offense has been. Alex Smith hasn’t been the same old Alex Smith this season. The stats are there but it just hasn’t been as good overall on offense. We’ve seen flashes (like last week) but no consistency.

But check out how this compares to others:

Hmm. What stands out about those teams? The 2015 Broncos won the Super Bowl. And, oh hey, the 2000 Ravens won the Super Bowl. The 1985 Bears ... Super Bowl!

That’s some good company to be in. Analytics and those looking at trends will tell you this is unsustainable. They probably said the same thing about these three other teams.

The Chiefs are giving up more yards and points than those other teams but it’s tough to argue the results.