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NFL playoff scenarios: How the Raiders, Patriots can clinch in the AFC with help

The Oakland Raiders can’t wrap up the AFC West this week but they can clinch a playoff spot in the AFC. The NFL sent out the playoff clinching scenarios for this week and in the AFC the Raiders and Patriots are the only two teams who can clinch something this week.

The Raiders can clinch a playoff berth the following ways:

Raiders win + Dolphins loss or tie

Raiders win + Broncos loss

Raiders tie + Dolphins loss + Ravens loss or tie

Raiders tie + Dolphins loss + Steelers loss or tie

The Dolphins host the Cardinals, the Broncos visit the Titans, the Steelers visit the Bills and the Ravens visit the Patriots.

The Patriots can clinch a division title like this:

Patriots win + Dolphins loss or tie

Patriots tie + Dolphins loss

They can can clinch a first round bye with this:

Patriots win + Dolphins loss or tie + Steelers loss or tie

The Chiefs can’t clinch anything yet but another win over the Raiders and they would have the AFC West lead along with some very nice tiebreakers if need be.

You can see the NFC clinch scenarios here.

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