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Chiefs drop in ESPN's power rankings for some reason

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Why do I care about NFL power rankings? I mean, really, why do I? I can't answer that. I just do care even though I say I don't. The Kansas City Chiefs shouldn't care either because ESPN has proven they are pointless. ESPN dropped the Chiefs one spot after they beat the Falcons. Apparently, that wasn't impressive enough. They have two 7-5 teams (Ravens, Steelers) ahead of the Chiefs.

I know, I know ... I shouldn't care about this. It's just dumb.

What's not dumb is the USA Today ranking, which rightfully has the Chiefs ahead of the Raiders. We'll see you on Thursday night...

SB Nation: 5

Instead it was other teams like the Kansas City Chiefs and Detroit Lions that further validated that their recent play is indicative of what to expect the rest of the way.


Some of the Chiefs' wins this season seem as unlikely as winning the lottery, and with a pick-six and a pick-two in Week 13, that comparison might not be that far off. The Chiefs can take control of the AFC West with a win over the Raiders on Thursday night.

Washington Post: 4

The Chiefs continue to find a way, with Sunday’s triumph in Atlanta being forged on a TD on a fake punt and safety Eric Berry’s pick-six and pick-two. It makes you wonder just what it takes these days to beat the Chiefs. This week’s game against the Raiders is an NFL rarity: a can’t-miss Thursday night matchup.

USA Today: 4

Nice to see FS Eric Berry pull off biggest pick-two in league history after kicking cancer's butt. We dare you to merely tag him again, Chiefs. 5

If you don't follow Eric Berry's career -- because he's a defensive player or because he's not a sack master or because he isn't a loudmouth corner who brags about, of all things, his knowledge of the NFL rulebook -- then you're missing out. Berry once again personally delivered a win to the Chiefs on Sunday. First, he came up with another awe-inspiring pick-six in the final minute of the first half. Then there was the ultra-clutch, fourth-quarter pick-two -- that's right, a pick-two, in the final five minutes of the game. The last points scored in the game, by the way. What a playmaker. Remember his winding interception return for a touchdown in Carolina last month? The guy is so darn good that fans don't think of him as the player who bested Hodgkin lymphoma less than two years ago. The city where he won his battle? Atlanta. Times two, now.

Yahoo: 4

Don’t discount Sunday’s impressive Chiefs win. Not only were the Chiefs traveling to face a good Atlanta team, a week after an emotionally draining overtime win (in altitude) at Denver, but it would have been understandable if they were looking ahead to Thursday’s massive AFC West showdown against the Raiders. Sunday’s win says a lot about the Chiefs.

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