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Chiefs’ Andy Reid needs to coach against the Raiders like he did the Falcons

One of the biggest developments from the Kansas City Chiefs win over the Atlanta Falcons was the way Andy Reid coached this game.

We went into this game talking about the Chiefs offense needing to hang with Atlanta’s offense, which was No. 1 unit in the NFL. That meant that Andy Reid would need to take some chances.

You may not go for it on fourth and short against the Broncos ... but against the league’s top offense? You gotta do it. And that’s what Andy Reid did. The Chiefs went for it on fourth down twice - one was a short touchdown pass near the goal line and the other was a 55-yard fake punt run.

Big Red took chances because he knew they needed to create breathing room against a team that can put up points in a hurry. That’s what the Falcons proved in the second half, too. I felt comfortable with the Chiefs leading 27-16. Suddenly, the Falcons came back and had the league with minutes left.

(Insert commentary about Eric Berry’s pick-two and how when I grow up I want to be just like him)

The Falcons and Raiders are similar. Very good offenses. The challenge will be to (successfully) do the same thing against Oakland. Big Red can’t take his foot off the gas. If they give you an opening, take it.

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