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Chiefs lead the NFL in come from behind wins (yes, this is real life)

Go back to September before the Chiefs season started. What if I told you that the Chiefs would get down by a touchdown in a game, what would you say?

You would say the Chiefs will probably lose because they are not a team built to come from behind. They’re a team built to take the lead and sit on it. Get them down double digits and it’s over.

I would have agreed with that, other media would have, fans would have and, heck, if you gave Chiefs players some truth serum they might have believed it too.

Now this is why football is so great. Because none of what I just said matters this year. The Chiefs are now the best come from behind team in the NFL.

The Chiefs have won six games this year in which they trailed by at least a touchdown. ESPN’s Stats and Info reports that’s the most in the NFL this season.

Let me repeat that in another way: Alex Smith is the king of comebacks.

The Chargers comeback win was only the beginning. They scored 17 fourth quarter points and six in overtime to beat the Chargers. They were down 17-0 to the Panthers. They were down eight with minutes to go against “the NFL’s best defense” in Denver. For their latest act, Eric Berry’s pick-two.

Is this real life?

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