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The Chiefs are so good a missed extra point helped them win

This is weird but bad things happening to the Kansas City Chiefs are actually good things. Let me explain..

Last week, the Chiefs were able to come back and beat the Broncos because they scored they gave up that big touchdown pass late in the game and got the ball back. Yes, a big touchdown pass from the Broncos did help the Chiefs (eventually) win that game.

This week, the Chiefs missed the extra point on their first touchdown. The Chiefs at the end of the game had 27 and not 28 points because of that. The Falcons scored to make it 27-22 and they decided to go for two. They did not get it. Had the Chiefs had 28 points, they probably don’t go for two. And because they did go for two, the Falcons felt compelled to go for two again when they took the lead 28-27 with four minutes left. That two point attempt led to Berry’s interception and two more points for the lead.

If the Chiefs don’t miss their extra point, the Falcons aren’t going for two at the end of the game.

The Chiefs are so good that touchdowns allowed and missed extra points are actually good things.

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