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Chiefs worked out an Olympic sprinter today

The Kansas City Chiefs have worked out unconventional players in the past such as rugby players. They’ve gone after the track athletes too and we have another one of those fast dudes that the Chiefs are looking at. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the Chiefs worked out Olympic sprinter Tre Houston on Friday.

Tyreek Hill shows you what this type of speed can do for you. The difference with Tyreek and most track guys is that Tyreek has the body to handle the NFL punishment. Not the 20-carry back like a Larry Johnson but he can take a few hits. Even then, the Chiefs don’t want to expose him to too many hits.

Straight line speed is great and can be effective if you’re capable of playing football and not just running straight. And even if you can do that, it takes a coaching staff like Andy Reid’s to utilize you properly.

Also, if the reported times in the 100m and 200m are accurate, Houston isn’t as fast as Tyreek.

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