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Can the Chiefs make a deep playoff run without Justin Houston? Yes, they can

Justin Houston hasn’t practiced all week and appears on his way to missing his second consecutive game. After missing half the season already, coming back for four games and then going out again, there are plenty of questions about his future. The main one is whether Houston will be able to play at all during the playoffs. From what I gather, no one seems to truly know the answer to that question.

From a Chiefs fan perspective, the question is can the Chiefs, if they have to, make a Super Bowl run without Justin Houston?

There was a time when I would have quickly answered no to this question. I said the same thing about Jamaal Charles. When Derrick Johnson made it half of their front seven out for the year, I thought the same. I definitely posed this hypothetical about Maclin before the season and said no.

Now? The Chiefs can make a run without Houston. Doesn’t mean they will but they have proven again and again they are bigger than one player. Is it ideal? Of course not. I would rather have Houston than not have him. We’ve had this conversation so many times of “This player went down so the Chiefs chances are sunk.” Yet they just keep on winning.

So, I’m taking Houston off the list of players who, if injured, would crush the Chiefs Super Bowl hopes. Currently on that list for me? Alex Smith, Travis Kelce, Marcus Peters and Eric Berry (and I’ll accept your Tyreek Hill arguments).

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