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Jeremy Maclin’s role can change week to week, just like the other Chiefs

It’s tough to get a read on Jeremy Maclin since he returned from his month long injury. I talked to him after his first game back against Oakland when he had just one catch and he seemed to suggest he was still working his way back from that injury. The next week he seemed to be back with six catches for 82 yards. Then only nine yards the next week.

What is Maclin’s role on this offense with Kelce emerging?

“It’s just different,” Chiefs QB Alex Smith said of Maclin’s role. “The team on Sunday night (Denver), they’ve got two Pro Bowl corners. That’s maybe the best or one of the best secondaries out there. They’re the No. 1 pass defense in the NFL. In a game like that, maybe your matchups are better with Kelce. He was matched up on safeties, he was on linebackers and he was winning.”

That’s a good point. Kelce was dominating from the outset so it made sense to go there with him. And Tyreek isn’t about getting a bunch of touches. He only had six touches last week but he scored a touchdown.

“That changes every week,” Alex continued. “All of those things. That’s part of the deal. That’s why coaches are here all night -- they’re analyzing those matchups and trying to put guys in those situations.”

The matchup this weekend in San Diego will be different as they don’t have those Pro Bowl corners. I wouldn’t mind seeing Maclin worked in more to continue getting him playoff ready.

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