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Chiefs-Falcons picks: Can Alex Smith’s offense hang with Matt Ryan’s?

Predictions for the Chiefs-Falcons game on Sunday from the Arrowhead Pride staff...

Chiefs 23 Falcons 27

The Chiefs will keep it close but the Falcons have too much offensive firepower. -Joel Thorman

Chiefs 24 Falcons 30

I really want to believe the Chiefs can go on the road and shut down Atlanta's offense. But they scare me. I think over the course of the next few weeks as players (hopefully) continue to get healthier (especially along the DL and Dee Ford) the defense is going to become dominant. But I don't think they are QUITE there yet, and Atlanta is an offense that is almost impossible to stop without being dominant. And despite the offense coming together impressively late against Denver, I just can't see them competing in anything resembling a shootout. If the Chiefs do go on the road and get a win here, it's time to get excited. -MNchiefsfan

Chiefs 20 Falcons 6

I like where the Falcons are headed, and I think they’re a year or two from being an excellent all-around team, but the Chiefs rebounded against the Broncos in a special way and if Dee Ford and Jeremy Maclin are back, I think they can add some swagger to match their record. The Chiefs run defense is going to be the key here, but if the line can hold Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman in check, it could be an easier road than expected for KC. -Matt Conner

Chiefs 21 Falcons 30

The Falcons defense is really bad, but the reality is, so is Kansas City's. They don't stop the run or the pass, and against the best offense in the NFL, that's going to be an issue. Unless Dee Ford and Justin Houston go off like prime Smith&DT, there will be no stopping Matt Ryan this Sunday. Maybe Alex Smith has another comeback in his noodle arm, but I doubt it. -Clay Wendler

Chiefs 28 Falcons 24

After an insane win in Denver, we still have no idea what to expect from this KC team. Built to run the ball and play with a lead, the Chiefs have 3 crazy comeback victories orchestrated by the QB (with massive help from defense and special teams) They've won games without something like 27 of their best players (approximately) They certainly haven't played a complete game, where all phases are clicking. But, here they are, in the hunt for a 1st round bye. Are you ready to bet against them? I'm not. Atlanta is a unique challenge, especially on offense, but they are far from unbeatable. Especially if Maclin and Ford are back, sky is the limit. -stagdsp

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