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Chiefs are better against AFC West teams the second time around

Our old pal BJ Kissel has a neat story over at on the chess match that Andy Reid and other coaches go through each week, especially against divisional opponents that you’ll see more than once each season.

We know about Reid’s record after the bye - 16-2. That speaks to the type of coach he is where if given extra time he can make it count.

There’s a similar thing going on with the Chiefs and AFC West opponents.

BJ uncovered some neat stats about how Reid does against other AFC West teams. For example, the Chiefs score about three more points per game against AFC West teams than everyone else. And this:

To take it a step further, Reid’s teams have scored more points and had more total yards offensively in the second matchup against a team within the division in a year, and they’ve also had a better record.

In the first matchup of the year against AFC West teams, Reid is 6-5, but in the second matchup, he’s 8-3 (not including Chargers from Week 1 this year because they haven’t played again).

Great stat. I hadn’t realize they were that much better because the Chiefs have won 10 straight so they haven’t done a lot of losing in the division lately. If the Chiefs play Oakland in the playoffs, we’ll remember this stat.

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